Jackson Hole Bingo! Play Along to Avoid Jargon-Induced Lethargy

  • Stay focused on the policy speeches as happy hour beckons
  • Central bankers love buzz words almost as much as Wall Street

Time to Play Bloomberg's Jackson Hole Bingo!

Jackson Hole is one of the most anticipated central bank-events on the calendar, even though it’s been five years since it delivered anything resembling a policy prescription.

Still, there’s no getting around being stuck in the office Friday listening to Janet Yellen talk “financial stability” and Mario Draghi discuss the “dynamism” of global growth. With an abundance of the jargon known as “central-bank speak” due, it’s just possible that your mind might drift.

To sharpen your focus, we’ve put together a card of terms you might hear, for a game in the spirit of Bingo. The rules are simple: mark an X on the box when you hear the word or phrase and score the point value associated with the box’s color; lose corresponding points for ticking the wrong box or missing one. Highest score wins. (Those seeking to up the stakes might choose to play the game with a little, erm, extra ‘liquidity’ in the mix).

— With assistance by Samuel Dodge

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