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Can Boomers and Millennials Learn to Get Along at Work?

Let's put a stop to the generational clashes in the office

In 2015, millennials became the biggest generation in the American workforce. Last year, they overtook Boomers as the biggest generation overall in the U.S. At the same time, people are working later in their lives: Boomers aren't aging out of work, and seniors are employed at the highest rates in 55 years. 

The changing demographics have led to some tension at work for people both old and young. Seasoned employees suddenly have bosses half their age. Sometimes 25-year-olds with little experience are running entire teams, and in some cases, companies. This week on Game Plan, Rebecca and Francesca speak with Karen Wickre, a 66-year-old Silicon Valley veteran, about what it’s like to work among the youngs. We can all learn to get along!

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