Macron Clarifies French First Lady's Role With Charter

  • Plan for special law on status of presidential partner dropped
  • First lady won’t have her own budget or official aides

The Meteoric Rise of France's New President

President Emmanuel Macron published a "charter of transparency" to clarify the role the head of state’ spouse after dropping a plan to write the position into French law.

Brigitte Macron will represent France alongside the French president during summits and international meetings, oversee events at Elysee palace and support cultural or social activities, according to the charter published by president’s office Monday. She won’t be paid, nor will she have her own budget or aides.

This is the first time the first lady’s role has been clarified in France where presidential partners have never had defined responsibilities despite being public figures. After the idea of a law laying out Brigitte’s status was floated, an online referendum against it gathered 300,000 signatures.

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