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Meet the 26-Year-Old Mayor Taking On Jeff Sessions

Michael Tubbs on being singled out by the DOJ, and his plan turn his city around.
Mayor Michael Tubbs addresses a gathering in Stockton, California.
Mayor Michael Tubbs addresses a gathering in Stockton, California.Courtesy of the City of Stockton

In the years after the Great Recession, Stockton, California, became the poster child of financial ruin. The mid-sized city was crushed by the housing collapse, and made national headlines for the resulting high foreclosure rates, drastic municipal cuts, record violent crime, and finally, bankruptcy. For these reasons and others, it has featured at the very top of Forbes’ annual list of “America’s Most Miserable Cities” more than once.

Now, as it begins its ascent out of that depression, Stockton is in the news again. It’s among four cities singled out by the Department of Justice to conduct strict immigration enforcement in exchange for crime-fighting help. In a statement accompanying his letter, Attorney General Jeff Sessions warns: