Trump Sees Job and Wage Gains Helping to Soothe Race Relations

President Donald Trump comments on race relations during a news conference at Trump Tower. (Source: Bloomberg)

After violence in Charlottesville, Virginia put fraying U.S. race relations at the forefront, President Donald Trump is looking toward job market improvement to help smooth them over. “I really think jobs can have a big impact,” Trump said Tuesday. “I believe wages will start to go up, I think that will have a tremendously positive impact on race relations.”

Trump’s comments jibe with those of other politicians, including his predecessor Barack Obama, who said lack of economic opportunity had hurt black men and their communities and advocated job creation as one solution. Federal Reserve officials regularly say they can’t improve distributional outcomes with blunt monetary policy, but continued job growth should give minorities who lag behind a chance to improve their lot. Today, blacks have a much higher unemployment rate than whites, and they made just 78 cents on a white worker’s dollar in the second quarter, Bureau of Labor statistics data show.

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