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Seven Dive Watch Myths Debunked

Not everything you hear about dive watches is true, and we're here to set things straight.
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Photographer: Gishani Ratnayake

Originally published by Jason Heaton on Hodinkee. 

There may be no more misunderstood type of timepiece than the dive watch, which is strange because it is arguably also the most popular kind. Dive watches are loved for their ruggedness, their sporty good looks, and their perceived ability to make almost anyone wearing one a little more like Dirk Pitt or James Bond. Much of this perception comes from the images and hyperbolic copy we see in watch company marketing, that depicts a stubbled, black-clad diver emerging from the sea wearing his 2,000-meter oversized watch. But the realities of dive watches are often much different from those many of us have come to believe. And the less dives watches are used for their original purpose, the more pervasive the myths become. Here are some of the most common dive watch misperceptions and the reality hiding behind them.