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Pack Your Sushi, and Other Healthy Travel Tips From Top Chefs

On work trips, chefs and bartenders are bombarded with food and drink options. Here's how they survive.
Temaki sushi, fish roe, sea urchin, sushi rice etc. (Japan)
Photographer: Minowa Studio Co./StockFood

Consider the life of a chef on the road. Even when they’re not doing “research” for an upcoming project—trips that are essentially designed for overeating and drinking—they’re still likely seeking the best of what got them into the industry in the first place: damn good food. 

Chefs may consume multiple meals a day in search of the best local barbecue, the top fried chicken, the most delicate dumplings. (If they’re researching classic French cuisine, those trips might clock in at around 8,000 calories a day.) It’s equally intense for bartenders who are exploring a new city and its drinking options.