Pain of Being the New Guy Is on Display During AmTrust Earnings Call

A personnel mix-up at AmTrust Financial Service created a moment of humor on the insurer’s second-quarter earnings call.

Chief Financial Officer Adam Karkowsky, who took over in June from 12-year veteran Ron Pipoly, had just finished a wrap-up of the company’s results before the start of the call’s question-and-answer session Tuesday. That’s when Hilly Gross, the vice president of investor relations, sparked a few laughs as he seemed to forget about the C-Suite shuffle.

The exchange went like this:

  • Hilly Gross: OK. Thank you, Barry. Thank you, Ron.
  • Adam Karkowsky: The name’s Adam.
  • Hilly Gross: Both Barry and Ron –
  • Adam Karkowsky: Adam. Adam.
  • Hilly Gross: I’m sorry, uh, Adam. Yeah. Old habits…

Whoops. It happens.

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