Photographer: Kevin Van Paassen/Bloomberg

Your Company Could Be Tricking You With Perks

Company benefits have gotten more creative. But would you rather just have more money?

Among a certain set of companies competing for talent, there’s been a perks arms race. Health benefits and vacation days aren't enough to sweeten a good salary anymore. Companies now offer to pay off student debt, subsidize egg-freezing services and provide cash stipends for employees to go on vacation. Businesses also use perks to signify a fun atmosphere and distract from stagnating wages. Do employees even want these office enhancements? And what about the huge chunk of the workforce with little access to benefits?

This week on Game Plan, Francesca and Rebecca talk about the state of cushy workplaces and whether anything can compensate for a job you just don't like. Jason Fried, chief executive officer and co-founder of Chicago-based software company Basecamp joins us to discuss all the things he’s done to keep employees happy (and keep them from departing for the coasts) and what is—and isn’t—working.

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