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The Bugatti Chiron Is Coming to the U.S., But Who Is Buying It?

About 250 are left to buy on the planet. But you’re competing with buyers who already own one and want another just for the fun of it.
Photographer: Cesar Soto
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Bugatti introduced its $2.99 million Chiron supercar in Geneva last year, but it won’t be until next month that Volkswagen’s crown jewel brings the fastest car in the world to American shores.

And while half of the 500 total Chirons to be made are already spoken for, there are some still available. (According to Manuela Höhne, the head of communications for Bugatti, half of that 250 were bought sight-unseen. Think about that: $2.99 million on a car you haven’t test driven or even laid eyes on in real life.)