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The Weed Industry Wants to Class Up Your Joints

  • Childproof weed bags meet Madison Ave chic as branding grows
  • Stylish vase-like glass bottles show off top-of-the-line pot
Kush Bottles showroom

Kush Bottles showroom

Source: Kush Bottles

One in five American adults can now legally eat, drink, smoke or vape cannabis however they please. For the fledgling companies fighting for customer attention, the game of differentiating their products through branding is on. And nothing conveys these emerging marijuana brands so clearly as the pretty packaging in which they’re increasingly wrapped.

Rolling a crinkly, crooked joint by hand, the preferred packaging of an earlier generation of pot smokers, seems like a quaint ritual from a galaxy long ago compared with these new products. Exhibit A is Toast’s marijuana cigarette packs, which are black with embossed art-deco designs. “Toast” is written in gold italics. The cigarettes, called “Slices,” come 10 to a pack.