U.K. Working to ‘Mitigate’ White House Attitudes, Johnson Says

  • Foreign Secretary claims ‘progress’ changing U.S. positions
  • Trump due to meet May at Group of 20 summit on Friday

U.K. Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said Britain is making progress in its attempts to moderate some of President Donald Trump’s positions, as he praised the U.S. leader for successfully engaging people in politics.

Trump, who is scheduled to meet with Prime Minister Theresa May Friday, has “gripped the imagination of people around the world” through his use of social media, Johnson said. Still, Britain doesn’t always agree with what he posts.

“We in the U.K. do not agree by any means with everything that Washington currently says,” Johnson said in an interview with BBC Radio 4. “It’s the U.K. that is actually helping, we think, to mitigate, to get some of those American attitudes and policies that are currently coming out of the White House into a better place.”

Johnson said there’s been “a lot of progress” changing the administration’s positions.

Trump “raises people’s awareness of issues, he engages in a very direct way,” Johnson said. “He’s engaged people in politics in a way we haven’t seen for a very long time with his tweets and the rest of it.”

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