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Egypt Boosts Food Aid, Pensions to Ease Pressure on the Poorest

  • Food ration card subsidies raised by 140%, pensions by 15%
  • Government struggling to balance reforms with stability

Egypt boosted food ration aid provided to the country’s neediest, looking to alleviate some of the mounting price pressures that have burdened the population and could present risks to the government as it pushes ahead with reforms aimed at reviving the economy.

The measures announced Tuesday include raising ration card subsidies by 140 percent per person and increasing pensions by 15 percent. The moves, announced by President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi in a televised event, come amid growing criticism of the government after parliament approved a controversial maritime border agreement that transfers two Red Sea islands to Saudi Arabia. El-Sisi’s critics had decried the pact as tantamount to trading Egyptian land for Saudi money -- a claim the president and other officials have repeatedly dismissed.