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Material World: Yes, Big Tobacco Says It’s Racing to Create a Smoke-Free Future

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Every other week, hosts Jenny Kaplan and Lindsey Rupp guide you through the consumer universe, breaking down what's going on with all the things people buy.

When you think innovation, Big Tobacco probably doesn't spring to mind. But Philip Morris International alone has spent more than $3 billion trying to create new products and push towards a ``Smoke-Free Future.'' Jenny and Lindsey dig into the tobacco industry's race to move beyond cigarettes and towards potentially better-for-you products. Philip Morris veteran Tony Snyder, talks about how the largest publicly-traded tobacco company in the world says its turning away from its core product; Businessweek's Felix Gillette describes how the move from "analog'' cigarettes to "digital'' gadgets snagged his interest; and Truth Initiative President Robin Koval discusses the importance of treating these innovations with caution.

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