Trump to Attend Supreme Court Event for Gorsuch, Official Says

  • Visit to court will be Trump’s first since being elected
  • Justices could be discussing travel ban case earlier in day

Donald Trump plans to make his first visit to the U.S. Supreme Court since being elected president when he attends a formal ceremony for new Justice Neil Gorsuch on Thursday, a White House official said.

Trump’s visit will come on the same day as a scheduled private meeting during which the justices could discuss how to handle the administration’s pending bid to revive his travel ban on six mostly Muslim nations.

Trump selected Gorsuch to fill a year-old vacancy on the court. Senate approval in April restored the Republican-appointed majority the court has had for almost 50 years.

Presidents often, but don’t always, attend the so-called investiture ceremonies. Barack Obama attended both ceremonies for his two successful nominees. George W. Bush attended the ceremony for Chief Justice John Roberts but not for Justice Samuel Alito.

The ceremony will take place in the Supreme Court’s courtroom. Afterward, by tradition, Roberts and Gorsuch will walk down the front steps of the building and stand briefly on the court’s plaza for photographs.

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