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Carson Block.

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Where will Carson Block strike next? Just months after Muddy Waters said Hong Kong-listed China Huishan Dairy was worth "close to zero", the company's shares tumbled 85 percent. Now the short-seller has a fresh target in his sights. He believes there are a "number of companies listed in Hong Kong that we think are committing fraud, often combined with stock manipulation." So which of the city's listed companies is in the firing line? All will be revealed tomorrow, Block says.

Central bankers and investors are grappling with a $100 trillion question - why is inflation so low, even as economic growth quickens? How the inflation mystery plays out is crucial for the global monetary policy outlook and the world's $100 trillion bond market. Here's why.

Russia and China are muscling in on America's backyard. Even before Trump announced the U.S. would scale back its global role, Putin and Xi were courting countries in the Caribbean Basin, with promises of aid, military support and investment. In a bygone era, such incursions might have drawn a quick, even hostile, U.S. response. Yet since the end of the Cold War, Washington has largely turned its focus away from hemispheric affairs.

Brain drain from Southeast Asia poses an obstacle to growth. The number of immigrants with university degrees who left to work in richer nations in the OECD surged 66 percent in the decade 2010/11. Emerging nations are vulnerable to losing their brightest talent, although there is a silver lining in the form of remittances that support families back home.

China's $17 trillion debt mountain isn't as scary as it looks. There's been no shortage of bad news when it comes to China's huge debt pile, but look beyond the headlines and one encouraging fact stands out: the country's biggest companies are healthier than they have been in years.

The cost of renting a London home is falling fast. A glut of rental properties and affordability issues are leading Londoners to seek cheaper accommodation. The average monthly rent paid in May for new lettings in Greater London fell the most in eight years to 1,502 pounds ($1,940), a 3 percent decline from a year earlier.

The 'bloody' Impossible vegetarian burger taking on beef. Creating a veggie burger that tastes like you're eating part of a cow has been the holy grail for meatless food makers since the 1980s. Now, Beyond Meat have developed a vegetarian product that's as close as anyone has come to mimicking real ground beef. It even oozes red juices when you bite into it.

Beyond Meat burger.
Source: Beyond Meat


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