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Some investors were quick to put in sell orders on Asian stocks this week as the latest political convulsions in Washington hurt appetite for riskier assets. Not so fast, some analysts are saying.  The region may be poised to weather the overseas storm, and the factors that have hurt Asian assets most in recent years are easing. Some strategists are beginning to sense a buying opportunity. —Alex Millson

Robert Mueller can examine Trump from all angles. Former FBI director Mueller's investigation into ties between Russia and the Donald Trump presidential campaign may not end up where it starts, writes Noah Feldman. The letter appointing Mueller also authorizes him to examine and prosecute "any matters that arose or may arise directly from the investigation." The key words are "any" and "arise"— remember them, Feldman says. One thing is for certain, with Mueller at the helm the FBI's probe has gained new credibility.

Expat packages are shrinking in Singapore and Hong Kong. For middle managers in Hong Kong, expat packages — including salary, tax and benefits such as accommodation and schooling — have fallen 2 percent in U.S. dollar terms over the past five years to around $265,500. The typical package in Singapore has dropped 6 percent to $235,500.

Why did a Chinese peroxide company pay $1 billion for a talking cat? When a couple decided to cash out after hitting the jackpot with their Talking Tom Cat app, they envisaged the buyer being a big game studio or media corporation. But in a strange twist a Chinese chemical company stumped up $1 billion for their franchise.

We each consume 17 pounds of palm oil a year. Pick up any package in a supermarket and there’s about a 50 percent chance it contains palm oil. It's in everything from pizza dough to shampoo. Global per capita consumption of the oil has doubled since 2000  — and that's giving the environment a headache.

Ivanka Trump's apparel brand is facing criticism from a labor-rights group for relying on Chinese factories it says force some employees to work long shifts at the equivalent of about a dollar an hour. China Labor Watch said it shared the findings of its investigation in a letter sent to the first daughter. The president of the Ivanka Trump brand said the company complies with labor standards and added it is "impossible for us to respond to allegations, with no supporting evidence, concerning an unnamed factory."

The insiders' guide to some of Asia's best cities. Seven concierges from some of Asia’s top luxury hotels have given us their advice on what to eat, see and do in the cities they know better than most.

Guests relax in a street restaurant with hammocks in Oudong, northwest of the capital Phnom Penh.
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