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Top Concierges Share the Secrets of Asia’s Busiest Cities

Concierge ringing reception bell
Photographer: Stefano Oppo/Getty Images/Cultura RF

The word concierge has a murky etymology, but Les Clefs d’Or — the international association of concierges — prefers the French derivation, comte des cierges, or “keeper of the candles.” Dating back to feudal times, he was the man responsible for lighting a palace and catering to the every whim of visiting nobility.

Modern-day concierges have evolved. For one, they’re no longer just men, and candle-lighting is an unlikely responsibility. Nowadays the wisdom of the concierge can elevate your getaway, minimizing the stressful planning and searching through guidebooks and blogs. Seven concierges from some of Asia’s top luxury hotels have given us an insider’s view of what to eat, see and do in the cities they know better than most.