Gina Miller's Anti-Brexit Group Has Cash, Seeks Plan to Spend It

  • Miller wants to support like-minded candidates in U.K. vote
  • Looks to Canada for clues about how to identify and help them

Gina Miller, who took the U.K. government to court to force it to get parliamentary approval before beginning Brexit talks, has raised nearly 300,000 pounds ($380,000) in a week to donate to candidates who want to keep Britain close to the European Union.

Now she just needs a plan for how to spend it.

Speaking Wednesday at the launch of a new campaign group, Best For Britain, Miller said she wanted to use the money to support individual candidates of all parties who would push for the closest possible relationship with the EU. The group will build a website to help voters identify candidates who would resist attempts to sever all ties with European institutions and its single market.

Brexit Referendum Results in England and Wales by Constituency

University of East Anglia

Her problem, she acknowledged, was that Prime Minister Theresa May has called a surprise election for June 8, giving her only six weeks to work out which candidates her group should support.

Gina Miller

Photographer: Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg

“This is very complicated,” Miller told reporters in London. “We have literally done this in a week.” She said she wanted to look at how strategic voting websites had helped Justin Trudeau win in Canada in 2015.

While campaigners against Brexit are trying to work out their best strategy of uniting the 48 percent of the country who voted to stay inside the EU, May seems to be succeeding in uniting those who backed Brexit. Support for the anti-EU U.K. Independence Party has collapsed, in favor of the Conservatives.

An Ipsos-Mori poll published Wednesday found 49 percent of people saying they planned to vote Conservative, with support for UKIP down to 4 percent. The Liberal Democrats, who want to maintain close ties to the EU and advocate a second referendum, were on 13 percent.

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