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When the climate heats up, birth rates drop, murder rates rise and marathon runners, unsurprisingly, finish more slowly. But what effect does a warming planet have on business and economic output? One study, published in Nature, concluded that by 2100, global warming could shrink per-capita GDP by a quarter. Here's a short, colorful video guide to new, and worrisome, research.

China stocks refuse to drop more than 1 percent. In a stock market where superstition and government intervention often count for more than economic fundamentals, unusual trading patterns are par for the course. But even by China's standards, the latest market anomaly stands out.

Australia has tightened its citizenship rules. Applicants will have to live in the country for four years instead of the current one, pass a test that shows they have "Australian values'' and prove a higher degree of proficiency in English. The new immigration crackdown comes as the government tries to boost flagging popularity.

The world's best-performing small-cap stock isn't done yet. Iskandar Waterfront City Bhd. has seen a 270 percent surge this year on a plan to create an entity with land assets worth 47 billion ringgit. Now, it plans to raise as much as 5 billion ringgit via convertible bonds to develop the real estate it's acquiring.

Like Trump, China has no good options when it comes to North Korea. China's biggest concern on the Korean peninsula is stability. But what can it do about its belligerent, nuclear-armed neighbor? Here's a Q&A on what steps China might take next.

Nobody at home can make the fuel Indonesia wants to use. President Joko Widodo is pushing ahead with a plan to reduce air pollution by adopting stricter emissions standards for new vehicles in October 2018. But the nation's state fuel maker is struggling to keep up, meaning Indonesia will need to boost imports of cleaner gasoline.

'Recession-proof' student housing attracts Singapore investors. Student accommodation offers better returns than offices and residential housing, making it an attractive asset for pension and sovereign wealth funds looking for stable income and higher yields in a low-return world.

The biggest drain on office time may be your computer. Slow, outdated computers and intermittent Internet connections demoralize workers, according to a survey of 6,000 workers. Worldwide, one in eight business laptops and desktops still run 16-year-old Windows XP, which Microsoft itself abandoned in 2014.

The show-stoppers at the Shanghai motor show. From a British-made supercar whose lines were inspired by great white sharks to the most "connected" car ever, check out the vehicles guaranteed to raise eyebrows at this year's event.

NextEV Inc. Nio EP9 self-driving concept electric vehicles (EV) stand on display at the Auto Shanghai 2017 vehicle show in Shanghai, China, on Wednesday, April 19, 2017. Auto Shanghai runs through to April 28. Photographer: Qilai Shen/Bloomberg
The Nio EP9.
Photographer: Qilai Shen/Bloomberg


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