Here’s Why Your Company Is Still So White

Trying to show employees that everyone is biased deep down can sometimes make things worse.

Tackling Silicon Valley's Diversity Problem

If throwing money at problems solved them, much of corporate America would look like a rainbow coalition by now. Companies have poured millions into diversity initiatives with the aim of recruiting and retaining more women, minorities and people from underrepresented groups. But much of what they’ve done hasn’t worked.

On this week’s Game Plan, Francesca and Rebecca ask whether companies are doing enough—and doing the right things—to diversify their staffs. Ellen Pao, former CEO of Reddit, joins to talk about Project Include, a diversity consultancy she co-founded, and how it is tackling the complex problems that keep many workforces largely male and white in a new (and maybe better?) way. 

As to how women and underrepresented groups should handle the crazy-making task of figuring out whether they're being held back by discrimination or a lack of skill, Pao says work hard, but be realistic about the obstacles to success. "Spending a lot of time trying to fix are you to loud, are you too quiet, are you too aggressive, are you not speaking up enough, are you getting your seat at the table... trying to micro-analyze every one of your activities is probably not the best use of your time."


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