Don’t Use Us to Criticize Euro, Nobel Prize-Winners Tell Le Pen

  • Deaton, Stiglitz among 25 economists writing open letter
  • Anti-European programs would ‘destabilize France,’ they say

Twenty-five Nobel Prize-winning economists have united to warn far-right candidate Marine Le Pen against using their ideas to campaign against the euro and the European Union in her bid for the French presidency.

Economists including Angus Deaton, Joseph Stiglitz, Jean Tirole and Amartya Sen wrote in an open letter published by newspaper Le Monde that candidates -- “chiefly Marine Le Pen and her teams” -- had quoted some of them to justify their presidential program on Europe.

The signatories said they had varying stands on monetary union and growth policies. “However, our opinions converge to condemn this exploitation of economic thinking in the French election campaign,” they added.

The European project was crucial not only for peace but also for economic growth and “the anti-European programs would destabilize France and call into question cooperation between European countries, which today guarantee economic and political stability in Europe,” they wrote.

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