3M Responds to Bloomberg Article: Raymond Eby

To the Editor:

Re article, “What’s the Maker of Post-it Notes Doing in the Ankle Monitoring Business? Struggling” (April 6):

The Bloomberg Businessweek article is a sensational, misleading and unfair portrayal of 3M and its electronic monitoring business. We are disappointed in the overall negative tone of the story and the inaccurate characterization of 3M and our electronic monitoring business through words like “bruised,” and “staggering.” Electronic monitoring’s contribution to the justice system is widely recognized by governments around the world.

Your story fails to balance the positive benefits of enabling low-risk offenders to stay out of jail or prison, giving the public more peace of mind about their communities, and helping probation officers and law enforcement better do their jobs. Without this innovative technology, law enforcement would not have an alternative solution to overcrowded jails and prisons. Low-risk offenders are afforded the chance to stay with their families, remain employed and demonstrate rehabilitation.

We repeatedly told your reporter that our electronic-monitoring business is growing and provided examples of innovation, including the first two-way ankle bracelet that vibrates on an offender’s leg to warn of impending violations. Innovations like this have enabled us to have a customer retention rate exceeding 90 percent. Yet, the story’s headline unfairly characterized our business as “struggling,” and highlights a handful of isolated and long-resolved situations, while omitting the facts and context we provided.

We are innovators in this field. To suggest otherwise is a misunderstanding of who we are and what we do.

Raymond Eby
Global Business Director
3M Public Security Business Group

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