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There were clear lines of disagreement between U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov during Wednesday’s news conference. In the first visit to Moscow by a senior Trump official, Tillerson held talks with Lavrov and, at the last minute, met with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the Kremlin. The discussions come at a time of heightened tensions over the fate of Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad following a chemical-weapons attack. Putin has pushed back against the suggestion Russia should abandon Assad, and complained U.S. relations were now even worse than under President Obama.
- Katie Robertson

Tillerson and his Russian counterpart said relations between their countries have sunk to a dangerously low level that presents risks for both nations and the world. During a press conference, the diplomats continued to disagree openly about issues, led by whether Assad was responsible for a deadly chemical attack and should be removed from office.

This $260 billion portfolio was shaped by bodybuilding, Scripture, and slow-thinking. An unconventional approach to investing drives Scott Minerd’s outperformance at Guggenheim Partners, which shows how structure can drive results.

The $4 billion Fast & Furious blockbuster franchise unfolds over nearly 14 hours so far­—and that’s before an eighth movie arrives in theaters on Friday. We meticulously analyzed everything there is to be counted in the seven current movies, from engine revving time to car budget to Corona sips.

Trump lays the groundwork for federal government reorganization. A presidential memorandum, which goes into effect Thursday, will lift a blanket hiring freeze and call for a rethinking of the entire government structure. The move could eventually lead to changes to the basic functions of many agencies.

The highest-paying companies in America may not be household names, but all boast a median salary above $150,000. Glassdoor’s annual survey of top employers by compensation reveals tech companies and consultancies outrank investment banking and hedge fund firms in the salary stakes.

Stores play hide and seek with Ivanka Trump’s products. Retailers caught in the political crossfire are trying to make everyone happy by saying they’re no longer selling the first daughter’s merchandise, but still stocking it in some stores. Our Ivanka Watch is tracking all the retailers that have dropped the brand.

These are the top wines from Bordeaux’s blockbuster year. Bloomberg’s Elin McCoy traveled to the legendary French region to tackle the hard task of tasting nearly 500 barrel samples of red and white wines from the 2016 vintage. Here are her recommendations for every price point — and a few warnings.

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