Investment Treaty, Xiongan Area, AlphaGo: Eye on Chinese Media

Premier Li Keqiang told a delegation of U.S. lawmakers that China is willing to push ahead with negotiating a bilateral investment treaty, the official Xinhua News Agency reported. "China is willing to expand trade, two-way investment and cooperation at the local level and handle any disputes or frictions through dialog with the U.S. to realize a more balanced trade relationship," Li told a group of senators and representatives in Beijing.


  • Beijing’s municipal government pledged to support construction of the Xiongan New Area south of the capital, according to People’s Daily. The capital will work closely with the new economic zone in Hebei province to enhance transportation links, relocate universities and hospitals, and make ecological improvements, the Communist Party’s flagship paper said. The Xiongan area announced last week is backed by President Xi Jinping and has been put on equal footing with Shenzhen and Shanghai’s Pudong zones.
  • China’s special representative on Korean Peninsula affairs is on a multi-day trip to South Korea starting from Monday, state broadcaster CCTV reported. Wu Dawei will speak with his counterpart on North Korea’s nuclear threat, brief officials on the outcome of Xi’s meeting with Trump on the issue and send the message that China firmly opposes deployment of the Thaad missile-defense system on the peninsula.
  • Google’s AlphaGo is back. The tech giant and Chinese Weiqi Association announced that Google’s artificial intelligence software will challenge a group of top Chinese go players including 19-year-old Ke Jie, who’s currently ranked No. 1 in the world, in Zhejiang province next month, People’s Daily reported.

— With assistance by Miao Han

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