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The Pink Shirt, a Preppy Staple, Gets New Life Thanks to Millennials

Pink is a bestseller this season among shirtmakers that outfit men for the office and dressier occasions.

The psychological phenomenon of the moment is group-think pink. The color is more popular than rosé at a Provence garden party. It seems possible that 2017 will eclipse 1955 as "the peak year for pink," as Life magazine effused that spring, beneath a Gordon Parks photo. Over here, the eye spies the cozy androgyny of millennial pink; over there, the feminine pink of models on runways and the feminist pink of women on marches. And now its shades are ready to storm the torso of the business-class dude.

"Pink is a bestseller this season for Thomas Mason," said Tim Neckebroeck, brand manager for the venerable British shirtmaker. "The elegance, undoubtedly, is also having a good dose of courage."