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Good afternoon. Today we begin with a bit of motivation. It comes from the movie The Baby Boss, which Businessweek calls fun and bearable enough to withstand repeat viewings: “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.”

Let that soak in, as you read on about the possibility of a government shutdown, Scotland's potential independence while the U.K. divorces Europe, and the unknowns around Obamacare penalties this tax season. –Emily Banks   

The demise of Republicans' Obamacare repeal could leave some conservatives spoiling for a fight. The House Freedom Caucus and other conservatives had hoped to deliver on one of their top promises with the Obamacare repeal: defunding Planned Parenthood over its provision of abortions. But Democrats, and some Republicans, strongly defend the group. The battle, which nearly led to a government shutdown in 2015, could be enough to set Congress on a path to another one.

The Scottish Parliament backed an independence vote in defiance of the U.K., in the midst of Brexit negotiations. Parliament voted 69 to 59 on Tuesday to allow First Minister Nicola Sturgeon to request the legal means from U.K. authorities to pose the question before the electorate by spring 2019. The result sets up what promises to be a lengthy and acrimonious showdown within the U.K., which Wednesday is beginning two years of divorce talks with its 27 European counterparts.

President Trump takes aim at Obama-era climate regulations. Trump signed an executive order Tuesday that begins unraveling the Obama administration's rules and directives to combat climate change. He stopped short of withdrawing the U.S. from the landmark Paris accord on climate change negotiated by his predecessor. Most of the policy changes will face legal battles from environmentalists.

Chipotle’s quest to sell preservative-free food is now complete, giving the chain fresh bragging rights as it tries to rebuild its reputation and recover from a sales slump. The company’s U.S. stores are now selling flour tortillas made with just five ingredients: flour, water, canola oil, salt and yeast. The burrito wrappers used to contain dough conditioners and preservatives.

New IRS rules allow a risky, "silent" protest of Obamacare. Under the Affordable Care Act, millions of Americans are supposed to pay a penalty if they don’t have health insurance. After Trump took office, though, the IRS changed the way it handled the health coverage question on tax returns, by ordering agencies to ease the burdens of complying with the ACA.

Instagram killed the retail store. A growing horde of superyoung designers use Instagram as their home base. For members of Generation Z, the photo-sharing site is the core of an instinctive methodology for building a brand, garnering a following, and generating sales.

You're ruining your steak dinner. Buying your meat from the supermarket is your first mistake. But it's easy to ruin even the best cut you can lay your hands on. Here's what not to do, according to one of the hottest names in the beef business.

Cook your steak on a pan, rather than broiling it, so the instant heat starts the browning process. Photographer: Paul Winch-Furness
Cook your steak on a pan, rather than broiling it, so the instant heat starts the browning process.
Photographer: Paul Winch-Furness/Paul Winch-Furness
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