McCain Says Democratic Help May Be Needed to Repair Health Care

  • U.S. senator speaks at German Marshall Fund forum in Brussels
  • Says must make sure all Americans have affordable health care

U.S. Senator John McCain said Republicans in Congress may need to reach out to Democrats in an attempt to reform health care after the House of Representatives’ efforts to undo Obamacare failed.

“Doing nothing is not the answer after the setback,” McCain said at a German Marshall Fund forum in Brussels on Saturday. “It might be a good idea now for at least an attempted outreach to the Democrats to see if there are areas where we can come to an agreement.”

John McCain

Photographer: Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call

President Donald Trump was forced at the last minute to pull his health-care bill from a vote on Friday amid dissent among congressional Republicans. Trump, for whom repealing the legislation had been a key promise during his campaign, and other party leaders have said they’re moving on to other policy priorities, such as overhauling the U.S. tax code.

“We need to continue our efforts to make sure all Americans have access to affordable health care, which is not the case today,” McCain, from Arizona, said. “The system is broken, it still needs to be fixed and there may be areas where we can find agreement with the Democrats.”

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Senator Ron Johnson, who also spoke at the Brussels event, said there were a number of problems with the Republican bill that prevented it from passing and that they would look at work on longer term measures. “We have a responsibility to continue to look at the damage done by Obamacare and do everything we can to repair,” the Wisconsin Republican said.

“The issue of health care isn’t going away,” McCain said. “The game is not over.”

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