Government Cites Virginia Travel-Ban Ruling in Push to Lift Hawaii’s Order

The Trump administration cited a favorable ruling by a Virginia federal judge in its argument against making a Hawaii court order blocking the travel ban nationwide more permanent.

With the Honolulu federal judge considering whether to extend the temporary halt on President Donald Trump’s revised travel ban, the U.S. Justice Department said in a court filing Friday that the state of Hawaii hasn’t offered sufficient evidence to impose a preliminary injunction.

In its filing, the government points to a Maryland district court’s decision to ban only one section of the 15-page travel ban, while highlighting Friday’s ruling that the president’s revised travel order appears to fall within the president’s authority.

Trump’s attorneys contend Hawaii Attorney General Douglas Chin is hoping the court treats the next step in formally banning the executive order as “a mere formality” since the state has failed to provide relevant evidence to support their claim, the Justice Department said in the filing. If the court does issue a preliminary injunction, the next step in permanently halting the order, the Justice Department has asked that it be limited to the 90-day ban on six mostly Muslim countries, and should not include the 120-day ban on refugee applicants.

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