Venezuela's Maduro Accuses Opposition Lawmakers of Treason

  • ‘Plenty of space in the jails for traitors,’ president says
  • Pro-government lawmakers filed complaint at Supreme Court

Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro said Wednesday in a national address that opposition lawmakers committed “treason” by calling on the Organization of American States to apply its democratic charter on the country.

The president did not identify any member of the National Assembly by name. During his televised remarks, a pro-government lawmaker, Victor Clark, informed Maduro that a complaint against the opposition had been filed with Supreme Court.

“There will be justice,” Maduro said, draped in an indigenous flag at a celebration for World Water Day where he announced the creation of what he said was the world’s largest national park in southern Venezuela.“There is plenty of space in the jails for traitors, and sooner than later they’ll be there paying for their crimes.”

Maduro has been in a bitter dispute with the National Assembly since opposition parties won a majority of seats in elections in late 2015. Citing a Supreme Court ruling that declared congress to be in contempt, the president insisted that all of its decisions are null and void.

The National Assembly on Tuesday approved a formal measure of support for the application of the OAS’s democratic charter. The opposition is pushing the government to set a date for regional elections, to release of political prisoners, and offer substantive solutions for the country’s economic crisis that has resulted in widespread shortages of food and medicine.

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