Abe's 'Meddling', Provincial Partnerships: Eye on Chinese Media

Property market policy should both control speculation and ensure living conditions, the official Xinhua News Agency said in an editorial. It argues for expedited renovation of shanty towns and further development of the rental market, following on pledges from Premier Li Keqiang earlier this month. There should be social security at the low end, a free market in the middle and restrictions to curb speculation at the top, according to the editorial. Surging housing prices in China’s biggest cities have stoked anger among the nation’s citizens.


  • Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s South China Sea "meddling" is doomed to fail, China Daily says in an editorial. The Japanese leader has been seeking the support of European countries to get the South China Sea disputes on the agenda for the G7 summit in May, according to the official English-language paper.
  • China’s government is pairing up richer, market-oriented coastal provinces and cities with poorer ones in the northeast, according to the People’s Daily. Liaoning, the region suffering a recession and weighed by inefficient state-owned companies has been grouped with the $1 trillion province of Jiangsu. The goal is to help reinvigorate the nation’s rust belt regions by having their coastal cousins show the way to wealth.
  • CCTV’s documentary series on President Xi Jinping’s early days remains on the nation’s TV screens. Another Xinhua video on the opening of China features Xi standing in front of a lake follows the Chinese leader’s narrative at the World Economic Forum in Davos, championing opening up, global trade and advocating against protectionism.

— With assistance by Xiaoqing Pi

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