Xi-Tillerson Visit, Beijing Property Curbs: Eye on Chinese Media

President Xi Jinping’s Sunday meeting with U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson dominated state media coverage Monday. Xi welcomes President Donald Trump to visit China, according to People’s Daily, the Communist Party’s flagship newspaper. A face-to-face meeting between the leaders "would serve the imperative need for ironing out bilateral ties ruffled repeatedly by the disruptive, sometimes confusing, postures of the recently inaugurated Trump team," China Daily, the official English-language paper, wrote in an editorial.


  • Tightening home-purchase curbs in a handful of cities including Beijing and Guangzhou over the weekend may already be biting. About 30 percent of customers at one agency in Beijing may default on purchase contracts as the down-payment ratio increases for some buyers, according to China Securities Journal.
  • The central government’s website released a video illustrating how the annual government work report, which includes the economic growth target and reform goals, was drafted. This year, Premier Li Keqiang read through printouts of all the proposals from members of the largely ceremonial legislature, which met earlier this month.
  • People’s Daily criticized media use of English words or acronyms without sufficient context in Chinese. Acronyms such as MLF (the central bank’s Medium-term Lending Facility policy tool), P2P (peer-to-peer lending), PPI (Producer Price Index) and even NBA (the U.S. National Basketball Association) are confusing, and mixing Chinese and English signals a lack of "cultural confidence," said researchers cited by the paper.

— With assistance by Xiaoqing Pi

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