These Markets Are Really Moving After the Fed Interest Rate Hike

  • Everything from the U.S. dollar to the S&P 500 is moving.
  • These moves come despite the rate hike being largely expected.

Yellen's Rate Hike Comments in Two Minutes

The Fed’s policy decision is sending shock waves through financial markets. 

But it’s not the first rate hike of 2017 that’s got the dollar tumbling and Treasuries rallying with equities. Instead, markets are reacting to Federal Reserve officials’ forecast that rates will rise three times this year, which is in line with its outlook from December. Some investors had thought policy makers might change it to four increases.

“The markets are excited -- bonds, stocks, gold and everyone short the dollar -- because the Fed didn’t change their dot plot and thus remain on pace with 3 hikes this year in total,” said Peter Boockvar, chief market analyst at The Lindsey Group LLC. “The Fed reminded us all of the gradual nature of their expected behavior on this rate hike cycle.”

Investors anticipated the tightening. In fact, Treasury yields had climbed with the dollar on speculation the central bank might signal a faster pace. But those trades unwound quickly Wednesday afternoon.

Here’s a look at the markets seeing some of the biggest moves:


The S&P 500 Index rallied to its highest level of the session on the back of the Fed’s announcement and is holding on to its gains.


The yield on 10-year Treasury notes fell 9 basis points to 2.51 percent, erasing gains made over the past week.


The U.S. Dollar Index tumbled to the lowest level since Feb. 20 on the back of a dovish outlook from the Fed.


The weaker dollar is helping commodities like gold. The precious metal is up more than 1 percent following the announcement.

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