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For Bigwigs Seeking Privacy, a $400 Airport Lounge

  • Frankfurt offers celebrities peace, quiet, and pricey cigars
  • Outside, ‘the paparazzi will take photos when I’m not styled’

With his bouffant hair, sequin-encrusted gowns, flaming red lips, and painted-on eyebrows, Harald Gloeoeckler has made a career out of being instantly recognizable, at least in his native Germany. Sometimes, though, even publicity hounds such as Gloeoeckler want a bit of privacy and are willing to pay something extra for protection from autograph seekers. Something like 405 euros extra -- the price of a day pass at Frankfurt Airport’s new VIP lounge.

“It’s impossible for me to go incognito,” says Gloeoeckler, a fashion and furnishings designer known for hosting television shopping shows and posting Instagram selfies sporting little or no clothing. “I just want a little peace when traveling.”