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The start of the year has been slow for the U.S. Congress, while the pace of news has been frenetic (the latest, at least at the time of writing this: President Trump announced a new pick for labor secretary). We've got some advice below for how to stay sane in the face of it all, while still staying informed. Somehow, though, Elon Musk is boring–but not that kind of boring. –Emily Banks

When Trump made calls about the F-35, a rival CEO was listening. Days before taking office, President-elect Donald Trump made two surprise calls to the Air Force general managing the Pentagon’s largest weapons program, the Lockheed Martin F-35 jet. Listening in from Trump's office on one of those calls was the CEO of Lockheed's chief rival, Dennis Muilenburg at Boeing. Boeing makes a fighter jet Trump has suggested might be an alternative to the F-35.

Elon Musk is really boring–tunnels underground. A Los Angeles traffic jam was a breaking point for the entrepreneur, who took to Twitter to vent his frustration and share his next breakthrough idea. “Am going to build a tunnel boring machine and just start digging,” he tweeted. Most reporters assumed the tunnel was another one of Musk's jokes. But this time, he was serious.

Republicans are getting nervous over Congress's slow start. The Senate is tied up with delays in confirming Trump’s cabinet, the House is spending most of its time undoing regulations from the end of the previous president’s term, and a promised swift repeal of Obamacare is stalled.

Warren Buffett says money managers charge too much. The billionaire investor inspired a generation of financial pros to believe beating the market was possible, but lately he’s been lecturing about how money managers and investment consultants aren’t, on the whole, worth their fees.

Snap is pitching a stock to investors that’s more expensive and comes with less shareholder control than any social media company before it. The result? The company has had to temper its expectations for how it thinks public markets will value the company after its IPO. Newly released terms for the IPO would give the Snapchat maker a market value of $16.2 billion to $18.5 billion.

Here's how to stay sane in a world of crazy news. If all of the above has you in a tailspin,  nine experts have some advice to help you stay informed while also healthy. A few of those tips: focus like a laser and protect your kids; take self-care seriously; and prevent "emotional contagion" on social media by instead keeping a small thread of friends you can talk to when something upsets you. And lastly, replace some news consumption with uplifting content, like…

Pampered pets get a $65 million plushy travel makeover. At a time when 80 percent of pet owners refer to their animals as children, there’s still vast room for improvement in-flight and on the ground. The Ark at JFK, a new, $65 million facility in a 178,000-square-foot warehouse, is one step toward improving the latter experience. It will have a splash pool, overnight kennels, and pre-flight micro-chipping services to track your animals. Eventually, this first-of-its-kind service in the U.S. will feature an in-house pet spa, too.

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