Germany’s Former U.S. Envoy Warns of ‘War Without Weapons’ Between Trump, EU

  • Ex-German ambassador to U.S. outlines worst-case scenario
  • U.S. undermines EU by following through on Trump’s rhetoric

The U.S. in a “war without weapons” with the European Union is a worst-case scenario for Wolfgang Ischinger, but one the former German ambassador to Washington won’t discount given Donald Trump’s verbal trail.

“If the consideration takes hold and prevails in Washington to implement what President Trump has said -- possibly without thinking through it much -- that he finds Brexit great and thinks it’s a good thing if others follow,” he said Monday in Berlin. “That would be the worst that could possibly happen to us.”

The one-time German deputy foreign minister spoke as the organizer of the annual Munich Security Conference, which draws hundreds of decision-makers. This year Vice President Mike Pence will lead a U.S. delegation and deliver a speech on foreign policy and security.

Ischinger said Chancellor Angela Merkel and other policy makers attending the three-day conference starting Friday needed “clarity and answers.”

The diplomat said he saw “a few rational developments” in the past week, including Trump’s phone call with Chinese President Xi Jinping to affirm the U.S. support for the One-China policy that’s underpinned the two nation’s relationship since the 1970s.