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Inspired by Tesla, This $10,000 E-Bike Is for Daredevils in Disguise

For those who want Tour de France-like speeds on the daily commute.
The Stromer ST2 S e-bike.
Source: myStromer AG/Andrea Campiche

About 200 feet up the hill in front of me, the driver of a white Audi on a cross street rolls up to the stop sign, sees me pedaling lightly, and decides he can beat me, pulling out into the road.

The only problem is that I’m going 30 miles per hour uphill, about the average speed for a Tour de France cyclist going downhill. When the driver realizes I’m coming much faster than he thought, he hesitates and stops—right in my path. I slam on my brakes, the back tire fishtails, and I skid to a stop close enough to see the look of shock on the driver’s face.