Macron Wants Flexibility on French Work Week, Wealth-Tax Revamp

French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron called for more flexibility for companies in setting working times and a revamp of the nation’s wealth tax as he began to set out his plans for running the country.

With less than three months to go to the first round of voting, Macron is under increasing pressure to set out his program for governing. On France Inter radio Wednesday he explained the broad lines of his thinking, saying that he wants to change the way France’s 35-hour work week law is applied without scrapping it and would shift its tax on personal assets over 1.3 million euros ($1.4 million) to focusing on real estate instead of productive investment.

Echoing views he expressed as a minister under President Francois Hollande, the independent presidential candidate argued for greater equality of opportunity in France and increasing the nation’s capacity to generate wealth instead of simply debating how to share it.

“To be a progressive, you need to know how to produce before redistributing,” Macron said.

Over the course of two hours, the candidate also said that he would try to work with U.S. President Donald Trump and continue the current French government’s plan to shut down Electricite de France’s Fessenheim nuclear power plant. He declined to attack Republican presidential candidate Francois Fillon on the question of his wife’s employment as a parliamentary assistant, saying his rival needs to be able to explain himself.

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