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Lean In Isn't Working. Now What?

It turns out Sheryl Sandberg's advice for women doesn't actually work. This week on Game Plan, Sallie Krawcheck thinks she has the solution.

Four years ago, Sheryl Sandberg started a national conversation about women in the workplace with her wildly popular manifesto, Lean In. In it, she urged women to "lean in" to their work lives in ways that don't come naturally: Speak up in meetings and ask for raises, for example. For many, this advice was refreshing, even radical.

Unfortunately, a lot of it doesn't work, research has found. Sandberg herself has even walked back some of her claims, admitting it would be hard for a single mother to follow her advice. No matter what women do, they can't seem to get ahead. They still make up less than 20 percent of c-suite jobs, and the pay gap persists.

So, what now? This week on Game Plan, Sallie Krawcheck joins Sam and Rebecca to offer her advice on what women can do to succeed. In her new book, Own It, she argues that women don't need to act more like men to get ahead at work. Being a woman, she says, is more than enough.

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