Mexico City Goes On Sale With Big Macs at Half Sao Paulo's Price

Trump-Induced Peso Plunge Puts Big Mac at $2

For Americans traveling south of the border this winter, the best bang for the buck is closest to home.

Thanks to the Donald Trump-induced plunge in the peso and surge in Brazil's real, visitors to Mexico City would pay just over $2 for a Big Mac that costs more than $5 in Sao Paulo. ``Me encanta,'' indeed. We also looked at the cost of a bottle of beer and 10-minute ride on Uber and found a similar discrepancy: 

Source: Bloomberg

Graphically, here’s how the two trips stacked up in terms of costs:

Latin America’s two biggest financial hubs are rivals for the right to claim the region’s best restaurant scene, the richest cultural offerings and the most horrific traffic jams. But in this area, Mexico City is widening its advantage over Sao Paulo.

Costs in dollars for everyday items in the two cities are diverging after continued Mexico’s peso plunged following the U.S. election -- it reached a record low Wednesday -- and the Brazilian real’s best-in-the-world rally last year. Cost-of-living comparisons give the northern nation an additional advantage because of its 3.3 percent inflation rate, less than half the increase Brazil posted.

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