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The Best Ideas of 2016

Not everything is terrible!
relates to The Best Ideas of 2016
Lucy Nicholson/Reuters

As many have observed, via thinkpiece and meme and late-night scream into the void, 2016 was a dreadful, dispiriting, and often terrifying 12-month period. Many bad ideas were advanced, and some of the worst of them seem to have come true. But CityLab is a glass-half-full kind of operation, and we’ll begin the new year by celebrating the good ideas: Here’s our top-ten list of the best and brightest notions that we came upon in 2016, from the people and places around the world that are trying to solve problems instead of creating them.

If we missed a worthy idea, let us know. And here’s hoping there will be more like them coming our way in 2017.