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The Brexit Quiz: Cake-Eating, Satan, and the Impossible Job

So you think you’re following the Brexit saga? Let us be the judge of that.

It’s been a dramatic year and an impossibly dramatic last six months.

No matter what side of the Brexit debate you were on in 2016—or what position you’re taking as we head towards negotiations in 2017—there’s no denying that the past year was one of the most eventful any observer of European affairs can remember. So much happened, much of it in the second half of the year, that it’s worth taking a moment to reflect in these final days of December.

With that in mind, we humbly offer you the first Bloomberg Brexit quiz. We’ve kept it to just 15 questions, and if you’ve been following the unfolding story it won't pose too many problems. So please do feel free to shout about your score on social media, tell your friends to sign up for our daily Brexit Bulletin newsletter, follow us on Twitter, and join us for the new year.

There'll be no shortage of news, that’s for sure.

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