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How Well Did You Pay Attention to Markets This Year? Take Our Quiz

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It was a year dominated by some yuge surprises, but how closely have you been paying attention to the details?

Here are 60 questions about 60 things that happened in 2016. (Click here to get the answer key.)


1. Why did Saudi Arabia and Bahrain sever diplomatic ties with Iran at the start of the month?  

□ Disagreement over oil production

□ Breakdown in nuclear negotiations

□ Iranian protests over the execution of a cleric

2. How long did China's stock exchanges stay open before recently introduced circuit breakers ended trading on Jan. 7 after a 7 percent fall?

□ 29 minutes

□ 1 hour and 45 minutes

□ 3 hours and seven minutes

3. Crude dropped below $30 for the first time since 2004, but what was the proximate cause of the selloff?

□ OPEC's deal to curb production

□ The deal to end sanctions against Iran

□ A huge oil discovery near London

4. The Bank of Japan had a surprise at its January policy meeting. Was it:

□ The introduction of negative-rate policy

□ A doubling in the size of its asset purchases

□ The introduction of a yen exchange-rate target

5.  The S&P 500 Index closed the month at:

□ 1,940

□ 2,040

□ 2,140


1. BP Plc reported a drop in fourth-quarter earnings of:

□ 22 percent

□ 68 percent

□ 91 percent

2. Bernie Sanders won the New Hampshire Democratic primary. What was his victory margin over Hillary Clinton?

□ 2 percentage points.

□ 12 percentage points

□ 22 percentage points

3. What unusual purchase did Hungary's central bank admit to making?

□ A collection of musical instruments.

□ The rights to Rick Astley's back catalogue.

□ 200,000 rounds of ammunition.

4. Who announced they would be campaigning for the U.K. to leave the EU?

□ David Cameron

□ Boris Johnson

□ The Queen

5. What did the U.S. Food and Drug Administration find odd about some Parmesan cheese produced in rural Pennsylvania?

□ It contained wood

□ It was made from horses' milk

□ It tasted nice


1. How many states did Donald Trump win in Super Tuesday voting?

□ Five

□ Seven

□ 12

2. The ECB cut rates, but President Mario Draghi gave mixed signals at the press conference. What was the euro's range against the dollar on the day, in U.S. cents?

□ 2 cents

□ 4 cents

□ 10 cents

3. After Mike Pearson announced he would be stepping down as CEO of  Valeant Pharmaceuticals International Inc. shares in the company:

□ Fell 22 percent

□ Closed unchanged

□ Rallied 7.5 percent

4. Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen said in a speech to the Economic Club of New York that rate rises would be:

□ Gradual

□ Glacial

□ Painful

5. Ireland sold 100-year bonds less than three years after exiting an international bailout program at what yield?

□ 2.35 percent

□ 3.85 percent

□ 4.95 percent


1. Leaked files from a Panamanian law firm led to the resignation of which country's prime minister?

□ Portugal

□ Iceland

□ Ireland

2. IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde described the outlook for the global economy as:

□ The "new mediocre"

□ The "great repression"

□ The "great rotation"

3. OPEC and Russia met to discuss freezing oil production at January levels. Where did that meeting take place?

□ Vienna

□ Doha

□ Algiers

4. U.K. Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne warned of pain for the U.K. in the event of a vote to leave the EU. How long did he say that pain would last?

□ Years

□ Decades

□ Forever

5. What did Peter Thiel describe as overvalued?

□ Stocks and bonds

□ Property

□ All of the above


1. Senator Ted Cruz dropped out of the race for the Republican nomination, leaving the field to Donald Trump following the result in which state primary?

□ Florida

□ Utah

□ Indiana

2. Iraj Parvizi was acquitted of insider trading by a U.K. court. What was his nickname?

□ Parvi Passu

□ The Mad Punter

□ Cool Hand Fluke

3. Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff was suspended following a senate vote. What scandal led to her downfall?

□ Carwash bribery scandal

□ Accused of doctoring the country's deficit figures

□ Singing "Evita" in parliament

4. What was bothering the chief economist of the Bank of England?

□ Political interference

□ The level of the pound

□ Long words

5. The Fed minutes released in this month signaled that the next rate hike would be coming in:

□ June

□ The third quarter

□ 2017


1. At the beginning of the month, payrolls data for May was released. Expectations were for 160,000 new jobs. The number was:

□ 38,000

□ 188,000

□ 388,000

2. Bill Gross described negative yields on government bonds as:

□ A supernova that will explode someday

□ A great buy

□ Boring

3. In a Bloomberg Politics poll conducted mid-month, how large was Clinton's lead over Trump?

□ 1 point

□ 12 points

□ 24 points

4. What did Tesla Motors Inc. offer to buy this month?

□ SolarCity Corp.


□ Every Republican senator a Tesla car

5. U.K. voters chose to leave the EU in a surprise decision, but the results from what constituency started the collapse of the pound in overnight trading?

□ Royston Vasey

□ Sunderland

□ Tooting


1. The British pound dropped below $1.30, falling to the lowest level against the dollar since:

□ 2002

□ 1993

□ 1985

2. Theresa May was appointed unopposed as leader of the British Conservative party, but who was her last opponent for the role to stand aside?

□ Michael Gove

□ Boris Johnson

□ Angela Leadsom

3. How much was the French state paying Francois Hollande's hairdresser per month?

□ $1,457

□ $10,958

□ $97,352

4. Who did Turkish President Recep Erdogan accuse of masterminding the failed coup this month?

□ Vladimir Putin

□ The European Union

□ Fethullah Gulen

5. Why did McDonald's Corp. stop selling the Big Mac in Venezuela?

□ Bread shortage

□ Security concerns

□ Sandwich was banned after likeness of President Maduro was found on a bun. 


1. 2016 was a year of record global temperatures, but what peculiar risk was highlighted this month?

□ A global deodorant shortage

□ Anthrax-spewing zombie deer

□ Collapse in the scarf-making industry

2. What did Carlos Slim, Mexico's richest man, propose in an interview with Bloomberg Businessweek?

□ A tunnel to the U.S

□ A three-day work week

□ Higher CEO pay

3. Aug. 11 saw the S&P 500, the Dow Jones Industrial Average, and the Nasdaq 100 all close at a record high for the first time since:

□ 2007 

□ 2002

□ 1999

4. What did analysts at Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. say passive investing is worse than?

□ Stepping on Lego

□ Marxism

□ Doing nothing

5. Japan's Government Pension Investment Fund announced significant losses in the second quarter as stocks and the yen fell. The loss was:

□ $520 million

□ $5.2 billion

□ $52 billion


1. Who did U.S. President Barack Obama cancel a meeting with following an expletive-laden tirade against him?

□ Vladimir Putin

□ Howard Stern

□ Rodrigo Duterte

2. Bank of England Governor Mark Carney made many visits to parliament in 2016. How did he say he was feeling about the bank's reaction to the Brexit vote at his September grilling?

□ Worried

□ Confident

□ Serene

3. Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton abruptly left a Sept. 11 commemoration, with her campaign later admitting she'd been diagnosed with:

□ Pneumonia

□ Allergic reaction

□ Fatigue

4. The U.S. Justice Department demanded a fine of how much from Deutsche Bank following an investigation into institutions sales of mortgage-backed securities?

□ $5 billion

□ $14 billion

□ $52 billion

5. Which currency joined the IMF's Special Drawing Rights basket alongside the dollar, euro, yen and pound?

□ Ruble

□ Yuan

□ Turkish lira


1. In two minutes of trading in Asia the pound fell:

□ More than 6 percent

□ 4 percent

□ 2 percent

2. Samsung ended production of its Galaxy Note 7 as they could not stop it:

□ Playing U2 albums

□ Catching fire

□ Losing wi-fi access

3. What product was removed from British supermarket shelves due to a pricing dispute between Tesco Plc and Unilever Group?

□ Toothpaste

□ Brut aftershave

□ Marmite

4. Ahead of the country's first-ever international bond sale, what did Saudi Arabia not want to talk about with investors:

□ The oil price

□ Construction

□ Plans for the budget

5. Republican nominee Donald Trump said he would accept:

□ A clear result in the election.

□ A position in Hillary Clinton's cabinet if she won.

□ An offer to make "The Apprentice: The Movie."


1. Hillary Clinton's lead in the polls came under pressure from:

□ Concerns about her health

□ Donald Trump's charisma

□ The FBI re-opening an investigation into her e-mails

2. What did HSBC say investors should buy, regardless of the election result. 

□ The dollar

□ Gold

□ A good coat for the winter

3. Donald Trump was elected 45th president of the United States. But who came third?

□ Gary Johnson

□ Jill Stein

□ Evan McMullin

4. Who did President-elect Donald Trump select as "chief strategist and senior counselor?"

□ Reince Priebus

□ Barack Obama

□ Steve Bannon

5. What did analysts warn would hurt sales at Tiffany & Co.?

□ Millennials love of experiences over things

□ The company's flagship store's location next the Trump Tower in New York

□ The price of diamonds


1. The bond market has had its worst month in November since:

□ February

□ 2001

□ At least 1990

2. Donald Trump announced he would nominate General James Mattis as the nation's defense secretary. What is the general's nickname?

□ Crazy Horse

□ Flying Monkey

□ Mad Dog

3. Voters in Italy rejected Prime Minister Matteo Renzi's proposed reforms. Who replaced him as prime minister after the referendum?

□ Silvio Berlusconi

□ Mario Monti

□ Paolo Gentiloni

4. The prime minister of which other country resigned within hours of Renzi announcing his intention to step down?

□ Ireland

□ South Korea

□ New Zealand

5. Blackstone announced the closure of its Senfina fund. What does senfina mean in esperanto?

□ Endless

□ Loser

□ Winner

Answers will be published at noon ET on Dec. 27.

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