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To expeditiously get oneself seated on an airplane requires perfectly executing complex choreography–timing the commute, having carry-on items security-ready, making a quick bathroom stop, refilling the water bottle, heading straight to boarding. Alternatively, for a less hurried approach, one could arrive early, eat a plastic-wrapped pre-made sandwich, be crowded into a small space with strangers and test the limits of boredom and patience.

Designers of the LaGuardia Airport renovations envision a different experience: a day when travelers decide to arrive at the airport early to, for instance, have a nice dinner before boarding. If that's the future, it can't come fast enough. –Emily Banks

LaGuardia Airport will be a gleaming, modern space by 2022. The New York City airport's redesign will feature a collection of aeries and ample natural light, where passengers walk above moving airplanes as they head to their gates. Designers plan to reduce the distance from curb to gate by an average of 300 feet, and more upscale dining and retail options are likely.

Jamie Dimon on Trump, taxes, and a U.S. renaissance. The CEO of JPMorgan Chase, in an interview with Bloomberg Businessweek, talked about Detroit’s revival and his views on the incoming administration. "People always say to me, 'If you go do this and it fails, what are you going to do?' I don’t care. I’m going to give it my best shot. That’s what I’m going to do," Dimon said. "If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. And I’ll try again."

Trump may have a $300 million conflict of interest with Deutsche Bank. The bank, which is under investigation on several fronts by the U.S. Department of Justice, is trying to restructure some of Trump’s roughly $300 million debt as part of an attempt to reduce any conflict of interest between the loan and his presidency, according to a person familiar with the matter.

As Oprah's weight drops, Weight Watchers shares soar. The shares climbed as much as 19 percent after Winfrey announced that she’d lost 40 pounds using the program. The diet company, whose shares had fallen 54 percent this year before Thursday’s surge, is unveiling new TV ads featuring Winfrey that tout her weight loss.

The tech industry had a monumental 2016, but now it has to deal with the Trump disruption. Technology’s transformation of society seems to be speeding up, and now we know where it all leads: to the 25th floor of Trump Tower and a central spot in the national dialogue over an evolving economy, with all its accompanying winners and losers.

Ethical shopping is even harder than you thought. You buy cage-free eggs, eat quinoa and drive an electric car to do your part to help the environment. That's all great, right? ...Pump the brakes on that Tesla. We built an ethical consumer game that leads you through the difficulties of living a cage-free, carbon-neutral lifestyle.

These eight slush-proof boots will keep you dry through winter. Swap out your normal footwear with durable, waterproof boots made for tough conditions. Your best bet is a straightforward pair of L.L. Bean duck boots or Timberland Classics with a padded collar. They're reasonably priced, look good, and get the job done as well as anything pricier. But if you want to invest in something with a little more style or personal flair, here are eight great options.

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