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A Smarter Way to Visualize Zillions of Travel Options

TransitScreen, a real-time transportation display, is trying to untangle the visual clutter of multimodal mobility.
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Train, bus, Uber, or bike share? Think of all the time you’ve wasted sifting through apps in search of the tastiest transportation option. Aimless swipes, meet purposeful glance: TransitScreen, the start-up that builds real-time displays of every travel option at a given location, has upgraded its appearance, with a design that hints at a more seamless, single-platform future of transportation.

The service is now available in 30 cities in North America, but when TransitScreen was launched out of Arlington, Virginia in 2013, it was built only with D.C.-area travelers in mind. Take a look at the old design, below: District locals would figure out which schedule strata correspond to the Metro and which correspond to the bus, but a tourist or a business traveler might struggle. When TransitScreen expanded to lobbies, hotels, and campuses in other cities, the visuals remained essentially unchanged, assuming that users had at least some level of local transportation literacy.