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This Year, Get a Robot to Write Your Thank-You Notes

Bond, a tech startup in New York, has created a business model around that rarest of gifts—a handwritten note.
Source: Bond

Maybe you are the type who is forever intending to mail thank-you cards. Maybe you even compose them in your head and yet, when time came to actually do it, you didn’t have any stamps, or the post office was closed, or you were stuck at the airport without your stationery. Maybe it’s not the sort of thing you delegate to an assistant, who has handwriting much better than yours. Maybe you just don’t like licking envelope glue. 

Enter Bond, a New York startup founded in 2013, which will do it all for you, in your own handwriting to boot. “Inconvenience doesn’t make something more thoughtful,” says Sonny Caberwal, the founder and chief executive of the company. “The content of the card is what makes it thoughtful. But there are all these friction points in the process.”