Data Leaks From Social Networks Threat in 2017, Kaspersky Says

  • Breaches more frequent as web giants collect personal data
  • Russia firm plans social-network memory rescue service

Potential leaks of personal user data collected by internet giants and online services will be one of the major cyber-security threats of 2017, according to computer safety company Kaspersky Lab.

“Users have de facto become hostages as today they can’t install an app, watch a movie or communicate with friends without providing personal data online,” Moscow-based Kaspersky said in a report Wednesday. “Leaks of such data are occurring more and more frequently.”

The Russian cyber-security firm is seeking to capitalize on this trend. Kaspersky plans to start a service dubbed FFForget next year, which will let users keep personal photographs, videos and posts when deleting accounts from social networks.

About 78 percent of users have considered quitting social networks, partly over concerns technology giants are spying on them, Kaspersky said last month, citing a survey it conducted in 12 countries. Still, many users stay put because of the memories they keep in the social networks, according to Kaspersky.

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