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Six Special-Edition Spirits for the Serious Collector, Priced $23,000 and Up

Whisky and cognac that redefine fine.
Bowmore 1961 50 Year Old.
Photographer: Gabi Porter/Bowmore

There’s a time for impressing your kith and kin with an obscure bottle of booze sourced from a long-defunct distillery, or the object of a hyper-rare cult obsession. Then there’s a time when only the big guns will do—major new releases of majorly old spirits from the industry’s best-known names.

Targeted specifically at the collector market, these six bottles dispense with such gimmickry as £150,000 ($185,880) diamond-encrusted decanters that are typically used to pad the price. They focus instead on offering truly one-of-a-kind liquids worth tucking away as an investment— or, if 2016 has been particularly generous, indulging in the ultimate connoisseurship now.