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Do your retirement plans not include much retirement? You wouldn't be alone, if that's the case, but have you thought about what kind of work you'll do? Not all jobs are created equal and your current job may have a shelf life. Dancers, not surprisingly, are the most vulnerable to age-related decline in skills, but how do the desk jockeys among us fare? (Editors, unfortunately, not as great as one would hope.) –Emily Banks

Even white-collar workers can't postpone retirement forever. Simply not retiring is one way to prepare for retirement, but how many of retirement age actually have a job? Just 17 percent. As we get older, not all our skills decline at the same rate. And in some ways, we get better. Check out this chart to see which careers last the longest (and shortest).

Trump may help deliver a multibillion-dollar bonanza to America’s wealthiest families. Abolishing the estate tax would save more than $20 billion a year for the millionaires and billionaires the tax applies to–including the Trump family and several of the people he has chosen for his administration.

South Korea’s president was impeached by parliament, amid a wave of anger that could overturn the nation’s politics. Lawmakers voted 234 to 56, easily meeting the requirement for a two-thirds majority as dozens from Park Geun-hye’s own party voted against her. Her career was undone by an influence-peddling scandal.

OPEC's historic deal won't be enough to drain the oil stockpiles that are depressing prices. Bloomberg News calculations show that across the whole of 2017, there will be little overall reduction in record oil inventories–even if the group convinces non-members to join supply curbs at a meeting on Saturday.

21st Century Fox reached a preliminary deal to buy Sky, valuing the pay-TV provider at $23.2 billion, as billionaire Rupert Murdoch seeks to consolidate his television empire. Gaining total ownership of Sky would give Fox, which owns cable networks including FX and National Geographic, a powerful distribution platform in Europe for pay television and internet.

Kobe beef and Wagyu are so last year. The cult steaks everyone wants now are all about heritage breeds, sustainability, and fair husbandry practices. Unlike the now-ubiquitous Kobe, they’re not always easy to find–and may cost you a pretty penny more.

Real robots fight a virtual war in your living room. Silas Adekunle is trying to take the augmented world and success of Pokemon Go to the next level by adding robots. Real ones. His U.K. startup has put a lot of work into giving MekaMon robots a range of movements, postures and canned moves that make them stick out. That’s the centerpiece of a system that lets users control the robots with their phones. (Think Black Mirror.)

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