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Americans are paying Apple millions to shelter overseas profits. Taking advantage of an exemption tucked into America’s Byzantine tax code, Apple stashed much of its foreign earnings—tax-free—in the U.S., in part by purchasing government bonds, according to people with direct knowledge of the matter. In return, the Treasury Department paid Apple at least $600 million and possibly much more in the form of interest in the past five years.

Trump vowed to bring down drug prices, sending biotech stocks tumbling. The president-elect declared himself an opponent of high drug prices in an interview with Time magazine. "I don’t like what’s happened with drug prices,” he said. After his victory, pharmaceutical stocks had surged.

Air Force One costs billions because it's a flying White House. It's no mere 747. It is equipped with secure communications, classified defense systems and even an operating room, and is built to be refueled in mid-air and to survive a nuclear war. Trump attacked plans for a new Air Force One in tweets Tuesday.

Bain is the best place to work, according to Glassdoor's annual workplace rankings. Employees cite great salary, benefits, mentorship, and a culture that promotes employee engagement. Airbnb fell dramatically from its top spot in 2015 to now No. 35. Facebook ranked second.

You can invest like Warren Buffett. A new paper posits that a lot of the gains reaped by the legendary managers over time were, in theory, available to anyone using a handful of buy-and-sell signals known to quantitative analysts. It’s the latest entry in a Wall Street discussion about how skill combines with luck to explain how active managers perform.

Wal-Mart is under pressure to fix its raging crime problem. Labor activists who pushed the retailer to raise its minimum wage are now demanding the company improve security at its stores and parking lots around the country. This follows an investigation by Bloomberg Businessweek that found widespread crime at the retail giant.

Oslo is the European cultural capital to visit now. From world-class restaurants to cutting-edge museums, here's how to see the best of the Norwegian capital in three days–where to stay, what to eat, and what to do.

Norwegen, Oslo, Hauptstadt, Winter, Karl Johanns gate
Photographer: Max Galli/laif/Redux